Colin’s Gifts and Nature

Colin’s Gifts and Nature
From an address entitled ‘The Taurus Soul’ given on
15th May 1988 by Rev Mario Schoenmaker

In the beginning was the Word (Logos) and the word was with God and the Word was God (Divine). (John 1:1)

This morning I would like to talk about something which is unusual for me. Normally I would take a text, not chosen at random, but chosen because of the needs which I perceive within my community, and speak as given to me, after prayerful and careful preparations.

But preparing as I could this week, between all the busy interludes which leave little time for contemplation, I was directed to astrology. Now, as many of you would know, astrology is not a subject I like to talk about. I do not like the subject because to me it is mostly mechanical, today you can even get an astrology reading through the means of Ahriman, by which I mean computers.

The second reason I do not like astrology very much is simply because every human soul incarnated should and ought to be free of the bondage of their astrological sign. And I am sure that even my august astrologers here would agree.

However, the fact remains that in some ways we may be free and in other ways we are bound by our sign, whether we like it or not. And it must also be acknowledged that our star sign may be of great importance and significance when we follow the Christed path and will ourselves to become spiritually perceptive.

I was therefore directed this morning to speak about the sign of Taurus for two reasons. First because we are at present in the month of Taurus, and second, many of you are born under that sign. In fact, if we start counting we may find that we have more souls in our midst born under the sign of Taurus, than any other sign.

When the human soul entered into the earth-plane so many millions of years ago, he was a playful, spiritual being bound to the Gods. During the ensuing period of time, when evolution took its toll, we lost our attachment to the Gods and the spiritual worlds in particular, and became earthbound and settled in our physical, material body.

The Taurus sign is a symbol of our bondage to this earth, and because of this it is a significant sign, for it tells us of our bondage and imprisonment to matter, but also of our hopes and loves, the agony and pain of breaking free, and it tells us of our capacity to become free.

Taurus, so I am told, is a fixed earth sign. It is the biggest and the greatest constellation and therefore mighty powerful, not only in the lives and beings of those who were born under that sign, but also in the hearts and minds of everyone coming into incarnation.

You are wondering why I have taken as a text for my contemplations, the text from John’s gospel:

In the beginning was the Word (Logos) and the Word was with God and the Word was God (divine). (John 1:1)

The connection with the Word (Logos) is important to see and understand. The outgoing spirit flowing from the Logos, and that Logos becoming imminent within the sign of Taurus, is something that must not be overlooked. To realise that this Word is bound and imprisoned, as it were, in its splendour and yet is nevertheless divine, is something which should fill us with awe and wonder and deep spiritual feeling.

I want to speak about this subject not only for those who have been born under this sign, but for all of us, for each human soul has 12 senses, corresponding to the 12 signs of the Zodiac and these senses need to be developed, understood and used in their spiritual and powerful capacities.

This Word, this Logos, has within itself all the capacities and senses we need for our spiritual and earthly development. And I would briefly this morning like to look at some of the characteristics which the sign of Taurus gives to all of us, and what attributes are part and parcel of us within the context of our beingness.

In Holland, my native country, the sight of cows and bulls in the fields is something which is perhaps more common there than anywhere else, perhaps because we have so many of them, or because we are such a small country and every inch is occupied. So I have noticed particular things about these animals. When a bull or a cow has eaten, and they eat 1/8 of their weight per day, they will lay down and just laze the rest of the day away. While digesting their food in peace, the food becomes transformed and produces life-giving substances for others, such as milk, butter, cheese and so on.

One of the great gifts we have in Taurus is the power to digest the ordinary things of life and transform them into a priceless spiritual force. This spiritual force can be seen operating in many different ways:

The Transformation of Ideas into Realities
The gift that is within all of us because of the Taurus influence, is the ability to transform ordinary ideas and imagination into realities, far beyond the scope of ordinary thought. As such, it digests ideas, facts, experiences and transforms them into greater creative forces. But you must never hurry a Taurus! Let it digest; the results and the rewards will always somehow uplift, strengthen and inspire others.

The Taurus-inspired soul will rarely do things for their own sake. It has to have a universal application. Its driving and motivating power must have a goal in view, either for others, self, or for the good of the community, whatever that may be.

When focused upon spirit and the Christ then, even though self is never forgotten, the creative and pushing power of such a soul cannot be under-estimated. Such a soul will have desires, but if spiritually motivated, it will transform these into the realities of the heavens.

The Transformation of the Soul and Emotional Power
Observe the emotional forces. They are not always obvious outwardly. Often they can be likened to a duck in water: calm and serene on top, but paddling like hell underneath.

Their different moods and intense feelings are there alright, but no one is going to notice them, because even in their moods, angers, frustration, joys and sorrows, the Taurus essence must digest, must be still, or else their fine mechanism cannot function, and then they may break down and be unable to give and inspire others with their gifts and creative insights.

One does not always see their great ability to love and to be ruled by that love. Their sensuousness is enormous and their appetite for that which is beautiful, lovely and perfect is never ending. But again this is not shown in an outward emotional outburst.

It is the innate nature of the Taurus sign to say that all must be beautiful, all must be lovely, all must be perfect and harmonious.

The Transformation of the Thinking Substance into Solidity, Determination (stubbornness) and Loyalty
One can never accuse a Taurus soul of being stupid. They have excellent thinking powers and use these powers to achieve and to let the world know that they are earthly and delight in material things. Thinking is one of the achievements of a Taurus soul because through thinking and the logic of thought they can bring about their ideals and purposes.

The essence of the divine Logos, of which we are essentially speaking, is just this. And these very essences became visible and noticeable in the Christ, when he appeared in the flesh through a man called Jesus.

The Transforming of Inner Feeling into an Artistic Nature
Feeling power, artistry and music are very much part of their being, and blessed are those who have been found worthy of participating in such gifts. But, and this must be conceded, the Taurus sign rarely does a thing for itself. They always want others to enjoy their artistic nature, to share in their feelings and the joy of being able to express and reveal something of heaven within their souls. They are therefore content to digest, share and give transformed ideas and gifts to others to use. (There are exceptions of course)

Speaking, singing and music are their strongest and greatest pleasures. One has rarely heard of a Taurus being silent. The gift of the gab is theirs. For them, these things are the very pull to heaven, the opening up of new vistas and possibilities, the expression of their own innermost beingness, so it is no wonder that these things are the very power of their existence.

This was beautifully expressed by a Mr Johnson, when he wrote:

Speak, that I may see Thee,
Language must show a man (It may also conceal him)
It springs out of the retired and inmost parts of us,
And is the image of the parent of it, the mind.

No glass tenders a man’s form and likeness so truly as his speech.

In the gift of speech, the divine word or logos becomes manifested, and the divine creative word is to be heard and experienced.

The Struggle for Spirit Manifestation
Of course there is struggle within the soul. I think it was a very nasty person who wrote: Heaven for a Taurus person is a glorified physical existence.

In real terms this is not true at all. For the real struggle is to become conscious of one’s own innate I AMness, one’s Individuality. Their reality is in fact heaven-orientated, not earthly, even though earthly things are used to accomplish the near on impossible.

And, after it is all said and done, Christ himself had to do this as well. This divine being, this Word incarnate, this Logos, used earthly means to accomplish the purpose of the heavens.

Their need, therefore, is to become aware of the Word, the Logos, and for this they need peace, tranquility, nature, Mother Earth, beauty, and gentility. 

Their kindheartedness knows virtually no limits, and they seldom know when and where to stop. This may at times result in delusion, self deception, stubbornness and self-will, but with all that they are achievers, if they keep their sense of humour and their practical outlook on life.

It is said by my friendly astrologers that Taurus is ruled by Venus, and if I take the old bygone interpretation then this would mean that they are ruled by love’s own power.

To those who are literally born under this sign, and for all of us in whom the Word lives and rules, and therefore have a portion of Taurus as well, regardless of what your chart tells you, the following I would like to dedicate to you, as a salute to you, and as a wish and a prayer.

O common sense of Christ, so rare,
O heaven’s love on earth so fair,
Assign our souls that we may love,
With all thy art, for thou art love.
Employ us with thy works so well,
That man shall rise from out of hell,
Into thy heavens by new truths told,
Then shall our souls at last unfold;
Then shall thy Word take root and rise, 
Sprouting its stem towards the skies,
Thy bud doth burgeon, then, then, the rose
That one sweet love all heavens knows.
O, take we time, to till the earth,
That soil, our souls, to bring thy birth,
To give ourselves to man in full,
So we at last become love’s rule.

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