Ordinand’s Statement

Pastor Colin Read’s Ordinand’s Statement
At the occasion of his Ordination September 14th, 1974

To be called to be a priest, a minister of the people and servant of God, requires humble strength, endurance, perseverance, compassion and discernment and, above all these things, the capacity to love. I sincerely pray that I shall prove these things worthy to you and before the sight of my God.

To explain exactly what is a call to the ministry is a very difficult thing because it is to try to explain something which is deep-seated within my heart, something which is a force or a power which motivates my entire being and says that this is what you shall be, regardless. It is a matter of accepting and recognizing the inevitable consequences of your very being. 

This has been a great matter of anguish, at times of great emotional disturbance to me. Many, many times I have said I am going to leave The Centre. Many times I’ve wanted to turn my back and walk out the door. Many times I’ve even gone and done just that. And always something happens which turns me straight back again and marches me back in the front door. I’ve had many jobs and careers in my life yet nothing could prove so deeply satisfying as that which I have chosen to be. 

I ask that you offer your support, your prayers, for my chosen profession. I ask you please to accept my calling. And I ask you please to also recognize that this very event this evening is not so much an ordination of myself as an ordination of the entire Centre. Tonight is an historical moment in the lives of many, many of us. And I hope that many of us shall also see this evening, in what is happening to me, as a hope, as something to look forward to in their lives, for in this lies the hope of The Centre as an example of God’s love on earth. 

There’s a point to which one is led, through times of desperation and times of complete utter hopelessness, when you have to turn around to someone and say, “God, I am yours, your will be done,” and to believe wholeheartedly in that statement. To accept whatever God deigns to do for you and with you means to accept his will entirely and absolutely. It is to this point that God has brought me. 

This night is a culmination of all my desires and is also the starting point of the life to which I dedicate myself to being a minister deserving of your respect and your love. To this purpose I humbly submit myself.

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