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Robert John

Born Robert John Gravestock on 31st August, Albany, Western Australia.

Met Mario and Colin and began attending The Centre in Albany, Western Australia.

Accepted into membership of The Centre in Albany, Western Australia.

January − moved to Perth, Western Australia, to live in The Centre community.

June − accepted into membership of The Centre (again) in Perth by Rev Mario who wanted to personally admit Robert to Centre membership.

August − began working full-time at The Centre producing CentreCOMM and other books and publications.

Initiated into the Guild of Initiates, Perth, Western Australia.

Ordained as a Deacon, Perth, Western Australia.

Moved to Melbourne to help establish a new base for The Centre's headquarters.

Ordained to the Priesthood on All Saint's Day, 1st November in Melbourne.

Presiding priest at The Centre in Perth, Western Australia.

Michaelmas 1985 − returned to Melbourne.

Changed name to Robert John.

Robert and Richard Hall celebrated their Covenant of Love Service on 7th March, officiated by Rev Mario and Rev Colin.

Presiding priest at The Centre in Melbourne.

Elevated to the Office of Meritus on 25th February in Melbourne.

Rev Robert John first attended The Centre in Albany in June 1973 at the age of 14. He became fully active in the small community there the following year. He was admitted to membership in Albany in 1975, then again in Perth in 1976 because Rev Mario wanted to make him a member himself. Robert began working for The Centre in August 1976 and has continued to serve The Centre and its people since that time.

Rev Robert first met Rev Mario and Rev Colin in Albany. Over the years he worked with Mario within The Centre, both in Perth and here in Melbourne. He travelled with Mario and assisted him with his spiritual readings. And in the final years of his life, Mario included Robert in discussions and decision-making.

He and Rev Colin shared a desk and worked together in The Centre’s printing and publishing. He worked most closely with Colin during the time of establishing a base for The Centre in Melbourne.

Rev Antoinette and Robert grew up together. He was 17 and she was 14 when he moved from Albany to live and study at The Centre in Perth. He had only been in Perth for a couple of months when Antoinette and Robert began working together as assistant teachers in the Junior School of Light. This was the beginning of thirty years working collaboratively for the purposes of Christ and The Centre. 

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