The Book of Hebrews

by Rev Mario Schoenmaker (an excerpt)

Christ and Melchizedek
Abraham’s mission was to guide the Aryan people, in the early Post-Atlantean times, during their formative years. He was instructed into the mysteries pertaining to the work of Melchizedek. Let me for a moment make a division, placing Melchizedek on one side and Christ on the other. We find Melchizedek blessing Abraham and Christ blessing the apostles saying, ‘Go forth into the world’, as Abraham had to. Abraham received the deepest level of teaching that can ever be had: the touch of Melchizedek, the touch of the master. The twelve received the deepest teaching in the upper room where they were spiritually exalted in the elements of bread and wine. This, of course, took place in the city of Salem, for Jerusalem means city of Salem.

The two events, one at the beginning of the Bible and one virtually at the end, are linked together with tremendous spiritual importance. Not only because of the form of the rite itself, but where and how it occurred.

As our sixth epoch is approaching, the present fifth moving slowly towards its close, we will find that an increasing number of souls will enter like the disciples of old into the same mystical upper room in Jerusalem (spiritually speaking). There they will realise within themselves the sublime state of mind necessary, married or bonded to the heart through the power of the spirit within them. It could be stated I suppose that whenever the sun ushers in a new dispensation, the leaders who are on the earth at that particular time somehow make a new covenant with the Gods in the form of bread and wine. According to occult teaching, we say that they partake of the bread of eternal life and drink of the chalice of immortality.

With the beginning of the cycle of Aries or Abraham, this leader of the Aryan race received this sacramental gift from the priest-king Melchizedek. The master introduced the deepest teachings for the cycle of Pisces when celebrating the Last Supper with his disciples. (The cycle of Pisces commenced in the fifteenth century.) So it was inner instruction concerning powers of the spirit that the disciples received when eating the bread and drinking the wine dispensed by the Christ.

In offering up the sacrifice of bread and wine, instead of the slaughtered animals previously offered, the Melchizedek’s sacrifice or sacrament differed from that of the old days in that Melchizedek prefigured the sacrifice which Christ was to institute in the new covenant from the same elements. It is therefore with awe and reverence that we, in our organisation, speak of the Priesthood according to the Order of Melchizedek.

If you want to understand Hebrews chapters six and seven, then you need to enter into a higher phase of consciousness, what is called ‘Adeptship’ in the mystery schools. When chapter 5 of Hebrews refers to the strong meat and not to live by milk alone any more, Paul is speaking about adeptship. Only the adept can take the strong meat. The adept is the priest according to the Order of Melchizedek ...

Characteristics of the Priesthood
The Order of Melchizedek has within itself certain connotations:

  • Those belonging to this Order will always manifest themselves with bread and wine. While I was away with Max we had a lovely agape with the Psychodrama group. I have a faint idea that it was the first time that they really did psychodrama when we had bread and wine! Do you know that I did not mention the word ‘Christ’ once that night as I did that rite? The response was overwhelming. People’s souls of necessity, always recognise the power of bread and wine. That is why a Priest of the Order of Melchizedek has never to fear, people will always respond ... either negatively or positively. We were quite fortunate; 99% gave a positive response.
  • The priest must be the embodiment of the bread of life. They must issue life from their very being, continuously.
  • However, you can never become a priest of the Order of Melchizedek unless your originate from the sun. If you have dwelt on Mercury or Venus then you cannot be a priest according to the Order of Melchizedek. In fact you would not want to be. It is as simple as that. You are still very spiritual; it doesn’t mean to say that you are any lower or higher. Understand that I am not saying that. All I am saying is that the Order of Melchizedek can only be fulfilled by sun beings because Christ is a sun being. Christ then becomes the beginning and the end of that person’s life. If you look at our cross you see the symbols of the alpha and omega with the lamb in the middle. The lamb is the soul; the alpha and the omega say: From beginning to end, I belong to Christ, I am a sun being.
  • Being initiated into the Order of Melchizedek gives a connection with the oldest Sun Initiate of the Atlantean Period which is Melchizedek himself.
  • Through this, different gifts will be manifested as they are needed.

As of old the Sun Initiate brought the knowledge of the Christ to the world, so now through us the Christ will be revealed to the minds and the hearts of man, in an intellectual and feeling way.

The Task of the Priesthood
The task of the priesthood is therefore to portray the Christ. So those who are admitted into the Order of Melchizedek of necessity already have a priestly nature because they come from the sun. Their previous incarnations would show that they are priests and have most likely been priests in the past. But in order to be accepted into the priesthood you also have to dare to accept the challenge of this peculiar priesthood: the vow to be a priest forever, not only in this lifetime but until the world ends. Once a priest, always a priest. The Catholics agree with that by saying that it is for eternity not just this lifetime. Sure, when we come back next lifetime we may not have a glorious altar in front of us. We may be hard-headed businesswomen. However we execute that priestly office, Christ will show through us if we are faithful to him. Our lives as priests have to be lives of sacrifice, reconciling people back to God. And at all times our symbols will be bread and wine.

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