The Ultimate Vision: Studies on the Book of Revelation

by Rev Mario Schoenmaker (an excerpt)

Introduction to the Book of Revelation
There are many ways in which you can look at the book of Revelation, and each one may be valid. One of the reasons I find the book of Revelation so fascinating is that within it lies the technique by which one can become united within oneself and become the full expression of the son of God. It is not a book that deals with history per se. Essentially the book of Revelation is an esoteric book, an occult book, a cosmic book. It deals with the ingredients of the human being and the universe; what the human being is made of and what we can eventually become.

The Transforming Power of Revelation
You can never know the book of Revelation, even if you make it a lifetime study as I have. Each time I open it, there is something new which has previously escaped my notice. If you have never read it then start tonight. Read it aloud to yourself, for there is an uncanny power in that book. As you hear the words, they enter into your ears and somehow the contents will then enter into your consciousness in a deeper and more powerful way than reading it silently. You must apply its principles to self, if not you may find it will turn against you. There is a magic in the book, but the magic is towards you not to others.

I must warn you that once you start studying the book of Revelation you must not stop. If you stop then it will be to your detriment. If you regard it purely theoretically without applying that theory then its power will work against you.

Scholar’s Views on the Book of Revelation
There are many interpretations of the book of Revelation. The scholars have four, so they are quite divided among themselves.

  1. Some scholars believe that the prophecies in this book have to do with John’s days and the Roman Empire and have nothing whatsoever to do with the future. The Catholic church tends towards this particular interpretation.
  2. The historical interpretation tends to make the book of Revelation a sort of cosmic review of history from the time it was written to the end of this world; many Protestants hold to that view.
  3. The third interpretation is futuristic and is held by many evangelicals, such as Baptists and Pentecostalists. They place the whole book at the end of the world when Jesus shall come again.
  4. The fourth point of view is the poetical interpretation. If I had to choose an interpretation from the scholarly point of view, this would be it. Not that I fully agree with it, but at least I can associate myself with the feeling. Here is an artist, a visionary, at work. Here are the visions written down with great accuracy. The poetic interpretation says that all hard and fast interpretations are illegitimate; the book of Revelation is not a dogmatic book. John writes of his visions with artistry, like painting pictures in the mind. He writes about the sure triumph of God in the universe.
  5. I have a fifth interpretation. It is okay for the scholars to say all that, but it is not okay for the man or woman who wants to participate in the future and the triumphs of God. We want to feel that we are gods in the making and therefore want to be part of that triumph and through it become the full sons of God. So in our interpretation the book of Revelation is a manual for spiritual development.

Realise that this book veils something very vital. It is written with an imagery, in a visionary way, that the ordinary western person does not understand. It would be very dangerous for you and I to understand it totally. For instance, as you do not let your little child poke its finger in a power point, so God doesn't allow you to poke your finger into cosmic power points. He wants you to grow into maturity first, to know.

The Gifts of God
The gifts of God are for everyone, but not everyone wants the gifts of God. To have the gifts of God you have to have God as well. Many people do not want to exert the effort required for their own growth, their own self development; they don’t want to understand, they just don’t want to know. If perchance you poke your finger into a cosmic power point without having any knowledge you may set a fire ablaze within yourself which may destroy you and sometimes your environment as well.

I have dealt with people who have interfered with the normal processes and the result has been irreparable physical and mental damage. Let this be a warning to those who think they can do it by themselves rather than listening to teachers. So understand, my dear friends, that the book of Revelation is written in a language that only an initiate can understand, and even they can have problems. In opening it up to you as much as I am able to, you will then become part of the initiates.

The book of Revelation contains the key of gnosis. Gnosis means to have knowledge. It is amazing how few people want real knowledge. In the book of Revelation, we find an expression, a shadow, and at times a repetition of the writings of Plato, Buddha and the Upanishads. The book of Revelation deals with the spiritual and psychic forces of man. It is virtually the only book in the whole Bible that contains within itself all the esoteric knowledge that the world has ever had. It is written in order to preserve that knowledge and that knowledge will be given to man when the seals are eventually broken.

During World War II the Dutch hid Jews in their houses. If the Gestapo seemed to realise their presence, coded messages were sent through the underground. The letter may have said, “Mary, the two birds I caught yesterday will hopefully arrive and you can have a wonderful meal.” The Gestapo would think this was a family letter. Revelation was also written during a time of persecution so John could not openly write about the knowledge he had without disastrous consequences. Today this knowledge is no longer the secret it was 2,000 years ago. When Christ came to his world all the secrets could be revealed. This is why Jesus said to Pilate, ‘I have said nothing secretly’ (John 18.20). This is why I don’t believe in secret lodges; knowledge is now open to anyone who wants it. As there are only very few who want it, there is no need to worry anyway. Another reason this book is written this way is to confuse the mind.

The occultist must eventually work beyond his mind. As long as the mind cannot contain or fathom the pictures then our imagination has to grasp these pictures and draw its own conclusions. This book is written in an eternal language in order to preserve the knowledge. In Revelation we find that St John is a witness to the esoteric doctrines and knowledge that underlie all religions, ancient or modern. You and I can look past the paraphernalia of religion, we can look past the semantics and traditions we have and use, and discover that underneath all religions there exists a deep esoteric knowledge.

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